Violin Medley Shows Star Trek Theme Song Changing Throughout Nearly Six Decades

All kinds of television programs will have theme songs that match the genre of the show. Many fans can easily recognize their favorite T.V. show by the theme song. Occasionally, these tunes change ever-so-slightly over the years.

Becky Sanchez is an incredibly talented performer, and she’s part of a musical group called VioDance. Her violin skills are something out of this world and perfect for showcasing the song belonging to Star Trek.

She recently uploaded a jaw-dropping medley where she plates the evolving theme song for the show, starting with the 1966 version. Moving chronologically down the line, she eventually reaches the finale with the 2020 rendition.

Dressed in Star Trek costumes and even getting her dog involved, you can’t help but be speechless by her effortless performance. There’s no denying how talented Sanchez is, and we can’t wait to see what she plays next.