Irish Dancing Star Is Only Four-Years-Old

Oscar Donnelly was born in July 2011 to parents Annie and Chris. They live in a town called New Stevenson in Scotland. Since he was a toddler, his parents could see that he was a natural at dancing. He showed off his dancing skills when he was just three-year-old and had been getting better at his dance ever since.

This little boy who is now eight-years-old has won numerous competitions and has acquired about forty trophies between 2015 and 2017. According to the interview he gave on “Little Big Shots,” he loves to dance, and dances around the house all the time to rehearse.

In the video on YouTube, filmed in 2015, little Oscar is taking part in the Kilkenny Races, and he is dancing at speeds of up to 110 Beats Per Minute, a pace that children only reach when they are teenagers. Oscar is also wearing hard shoes, made for older children, typically kids his age wear soft shoes. He has the potential to gain immense fame when he grows up.