8-Year-Old Romanian Dancer Breaks It Down and Takes Golden Buzzer

Aris Negoita is but eight years old, but he has more rhythm than people many times his age can muster. This young dancer pulls off more styles than one can count in a Romania’s Got Talent audition that wins him the golden buzzer. With a spring in his step and dance moves that show just how much this man likes to move, Aris took the golden buzzer.

He starts off his act with swag and doesn’t once let his level of energy drop, captivating the audience with not only an electrifying dance but also the stage presence of a seasoned pro. From the time that this young Ukranian takes his shirt off, it’s clear that he means business.

Every last step is choreographed to perfection as Aris Negoita wows the world with an elaborate dance routine that seems almost impossible for an eight-year-old to pull off. It’s no wonder that the judges loved him so much that they had no choice but to award the young dancer Romania’s Got Talent’s golden buzzer.