Modern English’s “I Melt With You” Is Iconic, Addictive ’80s Rock

During the eighties, “I Melt with You” from Modern English was one of the most popular songs on MTV, and it was a favorite in dance clubs around the world.

British post-punk rockers Modern English released “I Melt with You” in 1982, and it became the band’s most successful song, enjoying years of popularity on both the Mainstream Rock and Hot 100 charts.

It’s a classy song and one-hit-wonder that has remained popular throughout the years, ending up being covered by many artists and it features across pop culture. It’s one of the longest-lasting and most popular new wave rock songs with danceability that grips you from the start.

The upbeat track was very different from their typical punk rock creations. They dropped their edginess and created a song with beautiful verses and a chorus that embodies everything you’d hope for from a love song.

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