Cowgirls Put a Twist on Line Dancing Creating A Buzz

Now that looks like a lot of fun. These cowgirls’ dancing moves give you instant goosebumps. They have it all in their step to lighten you up and get you in the mood to groove.

It’s really amazing to see these line-dancing ladies who exhibit their country style, stepping all in time to a Brooks & Dunn hit. After the introduction of classic sliding electric guitar and rock style drums, the song kicks in and the cowgirls kick-off.

This is a sure-stepping group of performers of the purest sort carrying such an appeal that everyone will enjoy their routine. With supreme confidence, they make you want to get up on your own two feet and step in line. Not only do the girls know how to move, but they have such charm and charisma that the cowgirls seem to have been born to boogie, country style.