Classic Cover of ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ by Guitarist is a Gem

Guitarist Matt Anderson’s audition is something worth talking about after covering “Ain’t No Sunshine.” His radical performance with the guitar couldn’t be any better.

Everyone is talking about Matt’s phenomenal guitar playing in the song “Ain’t No Sunshine.” If you doubt there is any real music nowadays, then you couldn’t be more wrong. A performance like this is what it takes to bring a renewed vibe to the Blues genre. The Canadian’s mastery over his voice and guitar is second-to-none.

His guitar gives it such an authentic vibe and makes the listener feel as if they’re somewhere in the Southern states with amazing harmony. His playing style shows that the older style of blues is still going strong and won’t be disappearing any time soon. “Ain’t No Sunshine” is sure to continue Anderson’s massive success.

Classic Cover of \'Ain\'t No Sunshine\' by Guitarist is a Gem