Emma O’Sullivan And A Small Girl Dance Together

Emma O’Sullivan is a well-known street dancer in Ireland. She is renowned as the Queen of Sean-nós and is the All-Ireland Champion of Irish Dance. She was born and grew up in Connemara, Ireland, but tours the world to show how Irish dance is done. Even though she is so well known, she still likes to dance on the streets of Galway and connect with live audiences.

The video linked below shows one such occasion when Emma is dancing on the street, and she spots a little girl in the front of the crowd trying to imitate her as she dances. Emma asks her Cameraman to focus on the little girl, and at first, the little girl is a bit hesitant to dance. Emma then starts to dance for her, and the toddler follows suit, imitating Emma’s foot movements.

The two start dancing together, the little girl also starts to move her hands to sync with Emma’s hand movements. Soon the crowd watching turns their full attention to the little girl only, taking photos of her dancing. The video ends with the little girl and the crowd all clapping.