Doga Is This Act’s Answer to Yoga and Simon Cowell Joins In

It’s no big secret that Simon Cowell loves dogs. Some may even say more than people. Throughout the course of the Got Talent series, Simon has encountered furry friends that he couldn’t help but gush at. Any fan of everyone’s favorite critical judge or the show, needs to get a look at these sincere reactions showing a little more of Simon’s true character. Here’s Simon Cowell’s top ten favorite dog auditions from Britain’s Got Talent, and America’s Got Talent.

The show starts off with a border collie that loves to dance, leaving Simon with a permanent smile for the whole act. Who would have thought that one man and a super smart, loving dog could crumble the heart of he who has been called the hardest judge to please. This is just one of the ten moments when his big heart shines bright, almost as bright as the permanent display of his pearly-whites.

Simon’s two dogs Swiddly and Diddly are the love of his life, passion for canines that seeps through in each of these ten acts. You’ll see a dog that can really sing, dancing dogs, balls of fluff with even more brains than fur, and a selection of moments where simon Cowell couldn’t look happier. These are most definitely his favorite dog auditions from AGT and BGT.