YouTuber plays epic solo on enormous 69-string bass

Davide Biale is better known on YouTube as Davie504. He loves to experiment with bass guitars. Sometimes he likes to go outside the box with new experiments.

One of those experiments was to play bass with 36 strings. In that video he posted on YouTube, he stated that if the video got 690k Likes, he would play a 69-string bass.

Well, that video passed that goal, and now it’s time for him to pay the price. He has finally assembled a 69-string Lemar bass and plans to play it. He relays this information in his deadpan style of comedy.

Davide talks about how making this bass was no easy task. It took two years to make and is incredibly heavy. It will be tough to play, but a deal is a deal for his YouTube audience.

He holds up the bass, and it’s so long it blocks his head. Davide then demonstrates all 69 strings by playing each one. There’s no CGI present for this massive instrument.

Davide holds the guitar less like a guitar and more like a washboard. He’d have to, given the boxy design. Can he even play it well?

Surprisingly, he finds a way to make it work. He starts playing a bass solo with the bottom strings and gets a great sound out of it.

Then he kicks it up a notch by turning it into a slap-bass solo. After playing on the bottom, he moves to the top strings. Being so close to his face, he plays this part of the song more like a keyboard.

Davide progressively moves his way down the strings. It isn’t long before he’s using all 69 strings to compose an impressive rock solo.

Perhaps the best part of his solo is the final notes. As he ends, he slaps a good portion of the strings. It’s a sensation that creates this dark and grand noise, almost like a giant bell.

Davide ends the video with a straight face showing both his humble and playful side. He slows down the giant bass guitar and slaps his camera to sign off.

Building a 69-string bass guitar is an impressive enough feat. But to play it so well with an ear-pleasing solo makes this YouTuber incredibly talented.

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YouTuber plays epic solo on enormous 69-string bass