Catchy Radiohead Hit from Kid Amazes Judges, Turning Four Chairs

Each of the blind auditions featured in this The Voice Kids rewind is sure to amaze and inspire you. These kids know how to put on a show, with God-given talent and showmanship of a pro. Amazing contestants from the UK, Philippines, Thailand, Colombia, Russia, Vietnam, The Netherlands, Spain, Ukraine, and Germany are all featured.

Lil Shan kicks things off with an electrifying performance of ‘Supersonic’ that’s as impressive as each of the tracks following, just in their own unique way. There are songs from every genre, highlighting the diversity of talent found around the world. Just listen to the way that Mimi & Josefin sing the Radiohead hit ‘Creep.’ Now that’s talent.

Once you’ve been through this rewind through the best moments from The Voice Kids, you’ll have a whole new range of artists to explore. Blind auditions don’t get better than these amazing child singers, presenting hits that encompass power, range, and emotion that rivals any legendary performing talent that you put forth.