Navy band delivers exceptional country music performance

The United States Navy country music band astonished their audience with the beautiful and touching ‘If the World Had a Front Porch.’

The United States Navy’s country band – Country Current – delivered a performance to remember with their rendition of the Tracy Lawrence song, ‘If the World Had a Front Porch.’

With exceptional musical performance and lead vocals that call to mind such country legends as Trace Adkins, the Navy band produced a beautiful sound.

The lyrics were sweet and nostalgic, bringing back memories of life on a farm, catching lightning bugs, and shelling beans for dinner.

Most of all, Country Current captured the feeling of the original song, the tender look back at a time when life seemed sweeter, simpler, and better.

For country fans or supporters of the US Navy, this song will be sure to resonate. Audiences young and old alike will find something to appreciate about this great rendition.

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