Judge Break Down In Tears When He Hears Kid Sing Skepta’s ‘Shutdown’

There have been some remarkable performances across the history of The Voice Kids but few can compare to these ten amazing kids that made all the coaches turn. With the best all-turn moments all in one place you’re sure to find a show that you missed. The power packed in performances never ceases to astound often leaving one in disbelief that you’re actually listening to a child.

Some kids have the right sound but just miss on range. Others have amazing technical ability but just can’t infuse enough soul. None of the contestants in this collection suffer from any of those hassles, transforming their excitement into acts that are as electrifying in stage presence as they are amazing in vocal quality.

From ‘Lil T spitting rhymes while jamming onstage with will i am to a version of Pink’s ‘What About Us’ that equals the calibre of any artist, anywhere, these ten acts are a must-see. The Voice Kids doesn’t get better than these all-turn moments, taking one back to a look child singers that are so good that no judge can deny their showmanship & talent.

Judge Break Down In Tears When He Hears Kid Sing Skepta\'s \'Shutdown\'