10 adorable dancing tots will make you want to hug your kids

It’s time for a dance recital. While the tots are learning about how to coordinate their moves, the rest of us are learning about penguins.

It’s time for everyone to learn about penguins! Ellen and some of her classmates are all dolled up in false tuxedos to educate onlookers about waddling, flightless, cold-climate birds.

And boy, is there ever a lot of waddling! It’s the staple of the entire presentation. But it’s a long song and there’s only so much waddling you can do, so…

The troupe resorts to some moves that you wouldn’t expect from penguins. But the alternatives are few. So we’re sacrificing realism for novelty. The heavy lifting is being done by the informative song.

You have to admire the dedication of the performers. Some of them are waddling long after the song has ended and it’s time for the curtain call.

And just like that, some small kids have done a good job of educating us about a bird they’ve never seen. The developing mind is a marvel.

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