‘Voice’ contestant tunes-in 60’s vibes ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’

It was a cover version of a Joe Cocker classic that left Kelly Clarkson speechless. Jim Ranger sang ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ in the most fitting way possible to close out another season of ‘The Voice’.

Another season of ‘The Voice’ came to a close. But it might have been the best finale to date.

Jim Ranger of Team Blake thought it would be fitting to sing a cover version of Joe Cocker’s ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’. It was a masterful rendition of a song that ended up being one of Joe Cocker’s most famous hits.

Even Kelly Clarkson said that it was Ranger’s best performance yet. If that praise from a hit recording artist doesn’t leave you with a smile on your face, what will.

Ranger also performed one of his songs entitled “Last”. And he also managed to give Blake Shelton a little piece of advice on a lasting marriage.
Shelton took it to heart and said that now he knew how to make it last.