Houston Police Prove Their Dance Skills With “The Git Up Challenge”

Police Officers in Houston, Texas, showed off their dancing skills by taking “The Git Up Challenge.” Officers Jeremy Lahar and John Williams got their boogie on, proving that the men in blue can still have fun even while they are protecting and serving. These two officers started the summer of 2019 off by cutting up and getting down.

Police officers are known as severe folks, men, and women who have no time for laughter or games while on duty. But not the Houston PD; They know how to have a good time, even while they protect and serve. Take Jeremy Lahar and John Williams, for example, two of Texas’ finest who recently took “The Git Up Challenge.”

One fan was appreciative of all the effort these officers put into their routine: “I just stumbled upon this video today. It’s nice and refreshing to see two officers of law enforcement having fun! Thanks, guys, you made my day! I love it!” I totally agree. This is a great way to way people see of the men in blue.