Opera Singer Joins College Student for Jaw-Dropping Patriotic Performance

After being chosen as the best vocalist in her school, Madisen Hallberg was set to record her rendition of the national anthem for the school’s Youtube channel. She was going to be the face of the university and got the chance to show off her incredible voice.

While attending Portland State Universities College of the Arts, Hallberg was no stranger to singing in public. Her graduation performance was going to be filmed as the young hopeful chose to sing The Star-Spangled Banner completely a cappella.

Madisen’s voice is so that she doesn’t need any background instruments to help her out. In the beautiful park that sits in the center of the university’s campus, she prepares for her moment in the spotlight but was interrupted about halfway through the song.

World-renowned opera singer Emmanuel Henreid was walking by and asked to join Hallberg. Everyone agreed, and the dynamic duo sent chills with their powerful and patriotic rendition of the classic American tune.