“Rico Suave” Is ’90s Latin Rap That’ll Make You Move To Gerardo’s Beat

The addictive Venzeulan dance beat and upbeat, the catchy flow of Gerardo singing “Rico Suave” took the world by storm, becoming a strange hit receiving mixed receptions that’ll nevertheless be known forever thanks to its massive appeal in the nineties.

Ecuadorian rapper Gerardo hit it big with his 1990 single “Rico Suave.” The one-hit-wonder climbed all the way to number two the Hot Rap Singles chart and number seven on the Hot 100 with its controversial tale of a risque lady-loving lifestyle.

Latin hip hop in the nineties had limited exposure in the US, but just about everyone knew about Gerardo’s hit when it hit the charts. It was the very first pop song to use “Spanglish,” which combines English and Spanish.

The title of this track isn’t actually a name but rather means “tasty and smooth” when roughly translated. You may remember the video as it was so popular on MTV that it was nominated for Best Male Video and Best New Artist.