Charlene’s 1982 Ballad “I’ve Never Been to Me” May Make You Cry

Charlene took the 1977 ballad “I’ve Never Been to Me” and made it her own, sealing her place in music history as a breakthrough pop artist of the eighties.

Charlene managed to make history by landing her rendition of the Ron Miller and Kenneth Hirsch ballad “I’ve Never Been to Me” on Motown’s top ten as the first female solo singer ever. It’s a song that never loses its beauty, shining bright since 1982.

This song also has male-formatted lyrics that can be heard on The Temptations single “I’ve Never Been to Me” from 1982. The chart-topper remains resonant in both versions, male and female, but Charlene’s made it famous forever.

Many may recognize the iconic Patricia Paay cover from the opening of “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.” It’s a song that has also appeared in sitcoms like “Absolutely Fabulous,” “Will & Grace,” and even as the soundtrack to 2001’s “Me Without You.

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