High School Student Wins Show With Incredible Michael Jackson Moves

Michael Jackson’s dance moves will forever be legendary, with few dancers being able to match his style, flow, and sheer rhythm. There’s be many impersonators, but none quite like this kid winning his talent show with a fantastic routine choreographed to “Billie Jean.”

Perhaps it was practice. Perhaps he was gifted. It’s probably a blend of both that brought the epic talent exhibited by this talented teen to life. The Pittman High School dancer blew the competition away with a show that’s among the best the world’s ever seen.

With this one incredible routine, Brett Nichols inspired dancer and winner of his talented show by far, sealed his place in history as one of the most phenomenal Michael Jackson dance impersonators ever.

He has the energy, the footwork, and the flair. This teen may not look quite like a young Michael, but the way he moves screams Michael Jackson all the way.