You Probably Forgot The Video For Robert Palmer’s ’80s Pop Classic

The 1986 hit “Addicted to Love” brought English rocker Robert Palmer’s music to global audiences. It’s become his signature song, with a music video that’s equally as famous.

“Addicted to Love” is a hypnotic ’80s hit that we can help but become addicted to. Robert Palmer created the perfect pop song, and will forever live on as a legend for it. It’s a sound that’s truly immortal.

Addicted to Love started out as a duet between Robert Palmer and Chaka Khan, but, unfortunately, Warner Brothers Records wouldn’t allow her voice to appear on the song. The parts containing Chaka Khan’s voice were erased and re-recorded.

Robert Palmer was inspired to create this song after waking up to the memory of a guitar riff from a dream. He immediately headed downstairs to play and record it.

You Probably Forgot The Video For Robert Palmer\'s \'80s Pop Classic