Little Girl Flawlessly Sings 80-Year Old Classic Instantly Turning Two Chairs

The 1939 classic ‘Over The Rainbow’ sounds so good that you’d easily be fooled into thinking that Judy Garland is singing. Eleven-year-old Anna Grigorian has one of the most gorgeous voices ever to grace The Voice Kids Holland – talent that earned her the support of all the judges.

From the moment that young Anna starts singing, it’s clear that you’re witnessing something special. Many people have tried to cover this iconic song, but there are few that can come close to this stellar performance from this pint-sized star.

You can see the pure emotion that Anna is putting into her rendition of this eternally beautiful song. Her voice suits it so well that it’s hard to imagine the original while listening to her pure, sweet sound.

With just one word, Anna managed to turn one chair, but well before the end of her song, she had the whole panel vying for her to join them. Talent had just been discovered, and everyone knew just how strong of a shot this young girl had in the competition except the innocent performer herself.

From having the vocal range of a superstar to the stage presence of someone who’s been commanding a stage for many years of her life, Anna is utterly amazing. Her performance on ‘The Voice Kids Holland’ rewarded with a version of ‘Over The Rainbow’ that’s so beautiful it may make you cry. Don’t miss her epic act.