Couple Sings Hauntingly Beautiful Mashup Of Classics In Church

Instilling the classical feeling of Christmas into every space where their mashup of ‘What Child Is This’ & ‘Child of the Poor’ is heard is a singing couple. Together, their harmony is nothing short of heavenly. McKenzie and Reilly Zamber are musicians, parents, artists, producers, and songwriters who have become famous as The Hound & The Fox.

Two lovebirds manage to take two sad songs and weave them into a single uplifting showcase of each of their individual voices – There’s no better pair to convey that kind of emotion needed by these iconic carols than a couple whose vocal strength is matched only by their love for each other.

This mashup is as seamless in harmony as it is in deep meaning. Each track brings with it lyrics that make one ponder the true meaning of togetherness and the warmth that we all seek by coming together during the holiday season. Yet, not once does this duo lose touch of the classical feel these songs are treasured for.

With a huge following online, these two beautiful singers continue to grow in popularity thanks to their unique richness of sound & passionate music creation. This track is but one of the many winning Christmas arrangements available on their ‘Deluxe Christmas’ album, and one of the headlining tracks on their ’12 Days of Christmas’ release.

The way that McKenzie and Reilly Zamber sing inspires warmth and joy, perhaps even bringing a tear to the cheek, thanks to their closeness. This mashup between ‘What Child Is This’ and ‘Child of the Poor’ is an arrangement that seems to empower the voices of The Hound & The Fox both solo and in unison – Festive flow for a perfect Christmas.

Couple Sings Hauntingly Beautiful Mashup Of Classics In Church