Tiny Larissa Performs Anna Kendrick’s Cup Song in Cutest Act Ever

Take a trip around the world with this The Voice Kids rewind, highlighting all of the most trending blind auditions from the show. All the most recent competitors are there with everything from child-stars performing ‘Great Balls of Fire’ to more contemporary pop hits. These kids show to how to put on a show, delivering a series of performances that leaves one unable to pick who is better between the talent showcased.

Little Larissa has to be one of the most adorable contestants with her rendition of Anna Kendrick’s ‘Cup Song. She, at the same time proving just how good these kids get in terms of vocal talent and showmanship. Wait until you hear Ukrainian superstar-in-the-making Daneliya Tuyleshova with her epic cover of ‘Stone Cold’ from Demi Lovato. It’s an unbelievable performance that’d make the original artist proud.

Child singers come and go, but these trendy kids have set themselves up for a future in show business. Once you’ve heard the international talent featured here, you’ll scarcely believe that you’re listening to children sing but rather adults. Some astound with power and range while blind auditions stars from The Voice kids blow you away with stage presence and personality. Each is an audition to remember.