11 girls in identical prom dresses enter the gym…

You would never guess this ensemble would begin, and the night so subtly, not regular teenagers, but they did.

These teens underwent stringent choreographing, we assume, that made for an epic performance. This performance managed to go viral with its refreshing uniqueness, centering on well-mannered teenagers.

This video is a must-watch for American teens, for reasons known to all who have experienced prom, directly or indirectly. These teens managed professionalism for four and a half minutes.

Take time to watch the possibilities when professionalism meets willing hearts and minds, and willingness on the part of the teenagers, with a world-renowned choreographer.

It is a joy to watch teenagers waltz their way around a stage with a finesse that can only be termed maturity on a night known for quite the opposite.

Some of us might be teary-eyed at the end of this clip because it is a dreamy night that goes one of two ways for teenagers. This night was priceless.

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11 girls in identical prom dresses enter the gym...