Scotty McCreery delivers another country hit with ‘You Time’

The work and hustle of daily life take a backseat to love in Scotty McCreery’s upbeat hit ‘You Time.’

For couples looking to inject a little life and romance into their relationship, Scotty McCreery has the solution with his hit song, ‘You Time.’

The former American Idol song delivers an upbeat and uplifting song in praise of couples who work hard every day and sometimes need a reminder to take time for themselves.

Featuring incredible lyrics, an energetic musical accompaniment, and McCreery’s signature vocals, ‘You Time’ will have couples putting away their work boots for dancing shoes.

The song lyrics in particular are appealing because they capture the everyday struggle that so many people face. When you work hard, it can become easy to forget the ones you love.

McCreery sings about the need to put the work away once in a while, to remember why you fell in love, and to enjoy each other while you can.

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Scotty McCreery delivers another country hit with ‘You Time’