Little girl’s hilarious song ‘Leave Me Alone’ gets love from millions

This is one determined little girl. Talented and loves to sing, she creates her own song titled by netizens, “Leave me Alone” to her ever-bugging mother.

Every child enjoys doing the things that they like the most. This shy 4-year-old girl enjoys singing, but her amusing mother keeps filming her, prompting her to compose a song with a line voicing her displeasure.

This little girl, fed up with her mother’s relentless bullying, wrote her own one-liner tune, which captured the hearts of many and was even dubbed the national anthem for introverts by netizens.

The song was just a few seconds long, but it had a catchy melody and the phrase “leave me alone,” which is very sweet coming from an angry little girl, particularly because it was written for her own mother.

Her mother received a flood of feedback after uploading the video, encouraging her to enroll her angel in a music school. The video also went viral, garnering attention from Good Morning America, Inside Edition, and other news outlets.

With over a million views, I believe everyone will agree that this little girl’s witty demeanor and musical abilities will undoubtedly make her a star someday.

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Little girl’s hilarious song \'Leave Me Alone\' gets love from millions