American Bandstand showcased cool dancers

Prepare to be thrown back to your early years with this extract from American Bandstand in 1969 with hit songs that will get you singing them in your head.

60s music was something else. We didn’t have all that technology, just musicians playing music and us dancing to it. American Bandstand brought both those worlds together perfectly.

These six couples had the chance to show their moves individually before the group dance to the top tunes of the time. All this was wonderfully hosted by Dick Clark, and we could never have imagined anybody else hosting it.

With personalized moves, as well as some we will all recognize, the dancers would put together routines in the hope of standing out. Boy, the competition was tough though.

There’s so much energy in the room, and then you have Elvis, Nilsson, The Archies playing to add to the atmosphere. We all remember them, and wouldn’t we all love to have that energy again?

American Bandstand was a highlight of the 60s when music was real and we were young and full of life. What would we give to go back to those days and enjoy those times all over again?

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American Bandstand showcased cool dancers