Irish dance group picks up where Riverdance left off

Riverdance reminded the world of how amazing Irish Step Dancing with traditional music. ProdiJIG is here to remind us that even more, amazing things come from experimenting.

If Riverdance demonstrated what can be done with traditional Irish music and step dancing, ProdiJIG shows what happens when you start exploding boundaries and taking chances.

It’s a… uh… “step” that Irish Step Dance enthusiasts are either going to love or hate. And the overwhelming response is an avalanche of love.

Alan Kenefick and his real-life partner Ciara McGillan lead a full troupe of dancers willing to take a chance on creative vision and experimentation with their art form.

Irish music takes the lead in their act, but the door is left open for jazz, hip-hop, and a variety of other musical genres not normally associated with this form of dance.

By the time ProdiJIG is done with the world, they’re going to be one of the big reasons that people know where Cork, Ireland is located on the map. We say “Bring it on,” to this brilliant new energy.

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Irish dance group picks up where Riverdance left off