Jonathan Antoine’s version of ‘How Great Thou Art’ is out of this world

If you are looking for something that will induce goosebumps, you’re in the right place. Jonathan Antoine sings this excellent version of the classic hymn ‘How Great Thou Art’

It’s no secret that ‘How Great Thou Art’ is a classic hymn that’s been around forever. You’ve probably heard it many times from various singers.

But if you haven’t heard it from young Jonathan Antoine yet, you are in for a treat. The former ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ contestant sang the song as part of his Christmas show recently.

When he sings this, it’s as if you are right there at church. The acoustics of the sanctuary really enhances the voice and you can hear it bounce off the walls.

Antoine’s voice is without question one made for classical music. But you can bet that he can sing many hymns that will sound as heavenly as ‘How Great Thou Art’.