Blind ‘Got Talent’ Contestant And His Seeing-Eye Dog Melt Hearts With Soulful John Legend Cover

Grab a tissue for this one. Matt McLaren, a contestant on ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ performs an exceptional cover of John Legend’s ‘All Of Me.’ There is so much heart and soul in his performance, and Stamford is an exceptionally well-trained seeing-eye dog, which Matt needs because he has been blind since birth.

Everyone is quiet while Matt and Stamford make their way across the stage toward the bright red keyboard. They get there and one lone viewer cheers, as Matt gives the command for Stamford to lie down. Kelly Osbourne asks him to tell us a little about himself. He tells her how playing the keys is the one thing he feels he is good at, and that nothing else seems to matter. The judges all have a slightly concerned look on their faces until he plays the first few notes, and asks, “What would I do without your smart mouth?”

Suddenly, everyone is all smiles, and you can almost feel the audience take a collective sigh of relief. Matt doesn’t stop there though, each verse gets better and better. He doesn’t miss a single note on the keyboard either. It doesn’t take long before Sophia Monk, and members of the audience (myself included) have dissolved into puddles of tears. Everyone is standing up at the end, and it is clear he can feel their love.

Kelly tearfully tells him there isn’t a dry eye in the house. Eddie Perfect asks if he knows where all the keys are because of muscle memory, and Matt says, “Yes, I know where every single note is on this thing.” Kelly tells him he filled the room with love and Ian Dickson tells him he could go on and win the whole competition.