Virtual Choir Of Nurses Sing Chilling Acapella

These nurses have come together as a choir collectively known as the AUF-CON Nightingales Choir. The devoted nurses took time out of their schedule to supply this heartwarming acapella mashup of “When You Believe.”

“When You Believe” in acapella from the Nightingales Choir in Pampanga is a performance with such harmony and beauty that’ll give you goosebumps. Everything will be okay when you believe, and these nurses coming together in song express the message clearly.

The Nightingales United choir couldn’t have hoped to put together a more inspiring arrangement, with each and every person exuding clear emotion in their voices and on their faces. What a joy to watch.

Each of these singers is blessed with an angelic voice, but together their harmony is otherworldly. What an inspiring rendition of “When You Believe.”