Seventeen Music Teachers Perform Rocky Instrumental, And You’ll Have Chills

New Jersey’s Cherry Hill Public Schools have put together one of the most inspiring virtual symphonies you’ll ever see. Their harmony coming together remotely for this instrumental special is a show that’s truly heartwarming.

Distance makes no difference to passion – just ask the talented instrumental music staff of Cherry Hill Public Schools, in Cherry Hill, Camden County, New Jersey. The staff has come together for a classical instrumental rendition of the Rocky theme song that’ll give you goosebumps from the first note.

Seventeen music faculty members come together for this acoustic journey that’s impossible not to fall in love with. Between the richness of sound and sheer joy felt in the emotion of this performance, it’s incredible, to say the least.

Four trumpets, two altos, two tenors, one sax, three trombones, a euphonium, guitar, bass guitar, electric keyboard, and drums, while under the arrangement of Victor Lopez and Mr. Marr, a majestic piece comes together that’ll brighten your day for sure. What a sound.