Cops Vs. Kids In The Most Uplifting, Entertaining Dance Battle Ever

The Pierce County, Washington Sheriff’s Department got a call for a noise complaint and responded promptly. They were soon faced with a dilemma after a bold challenge from the kid’s dance studio that they found themselves at. At dance battle to end the dance party? Sounds like a solution.

The cops and community come together in one of the most memorable, heartwarming scenes you’ll ever see. The whole station joins in on some fun for a dance battle that has the police officers doing their best to keep up with the swagger of some exceedingly talented kids.

You’ll be swept away by the lighthearted fun as these officers show that they’re indeed a caring part of the community that loves to show their lighter side.

There’s no better way to show just how much service means to the community. You’ll be smiling from ear to ear as these Pierce County Sheriffs break it down on the dance floor.