Child Breakdancer Wows Romania’s Got Talent With Precision Routine

Romania’s Got Talent was treated to one of the most explosive dance performances ever when the unbelievable kid breakdancer Denis Ianosi from Drobeta Turnu Severin stepped forward.

Would you believe that Denis Ianosi can pull off moves like that at just eleven-years-old? His Romania’s Got Talent audition couldn’t have gone better, with the talented dancer showcasing a routine that boasts skill and talent far outreaching his age.

The incredible moves of young Denis reminded Andi Moisescu of Robo – one of his favorite dancers, with the judge sharing how he would have never imagined it possible of an eleven-year-old.

Mihai Petre was blown away by his precision and patience, as well as the sheer control of his movements. All the judges were in agreement that this young man deserved to advance, and with four resounding ‘Yeses’ he progressed to the next round.

Child Breakdancer Wows Romania\'s Got Talent With Precision Routine