Chuck Berry Will Have You Jamming Along To “Roll Over Beethoven”

Get ready to enjoy one of the most iconic performances in all of music history. Chuck Berry performing “Roll Over Beethoven” with the backing of a band back in 1972 is the best show ever.

The Father of Rock and Roll Chuck Berry performs his hit “Roll Over Beethoven” in this live performance from 1972. The Missouri legend helped shape rhythm and blues with songs like this unforgettable hit and its zany video.

Who could ever forget the song that’s about the rock and roll craze itself? “Roll Over Beethoven” was originally written and released in 1956, and with it changed the future of music forever.

Chuck Berry created one of the greatest songs of all time and a hit that has been covered by countless other artists, including Jerry Lee Lewis and the Beatles.

Chuck Berry Will Have You Jamming Along To \