“Whip It” Will Get You Rocking To Devo’s Addictive Eighties Beat

American new wave synth-pop rockers Devo landed a song that’d live on forever when they dropped the fun, catchy 1980 hit “Whip It” from their “Freedom of Choice” album.

“Whip It” is a song that grabbed the attention of the world with its unconventional approach to new wave music. The drumbeat is unlike anything at its time, gripping you for a fun, lighthearted ride that couldn’t be better. Now that’s pioneering eighties music for you.

Between the epic main riff and motorik beat, this uptempo track surprised audiences from the start and remains fresh despite its classic, nostalgic eighties pop sound.

The strange lyrics and unique tempo for tracks at the time were responsible for its major success, surprising the band with its climb up the charts and popularity on MTV.