“What Is Love” Is The Haddaway Hard House Hit Forever Immortalized

There was no bigger Eurotrance hit in 1993 than the hard house classic “What Is Love” from Haddaway. The upbeat track instantly became a club classic, and we’ve loved it ever since.

German DJ and music producer Haddaaway dropped “What Is Love” in 1993, and the world immediately fell in love with its unique melody, fresh feel, and sound that was unique from club classics at the time. The song was a breakthrough for dance-lovers and set the tone for the nineties.

Described as one of the quintessential dance tunes of the nineties, “What Is Love” expanded the distinctly Europop genre to dance audiences all around the world, with catchiness and a must-dance feel that’ll still get you grooving to this day.

From the soulful vocals to equally surreal synth, it’s an addictive, entrancing nineties dance anthem with a fast house beat that hits just hard enough. What a classic.