Faith No More’s “Epic” Is Epic Rock You’ll Instantly Remember

Faith No More was joined by Mike Patton in 1989, and he ended up responsible for the group’s biggest mainstream hit ever. “Epic” is a hard rock classic that’s truly epic.

Faith No More’s “Epic” is a song with lyrics that never cease to captivate the attention, calling out to “it” while never explaining exactly what they’re referring to. Frontman Mike’s 1989 hit ended up being the breakthrough that the band needed to bring their rap-metal rock to the world.

Some consider “Epic” to be one of the greatest metal songs ever written with a riff that you’ll instantly recognize. The surreal music video was a favorite on MTV, showing the whole band soaked.

Pay close attention to the video, and you’ll see their guitarist Jim Martin wearing a T-shirt with a photo of Metallica’s bassist Cliff Burton. The controversial fish really did belong to Bjork.