American Idol Finalist Arthur Gunn’s Most Phenomenal Performances Ever

Arthur Gunn is one of the most gifted artists the world has ever seen, impressing from the moment he started to sing at his very first American Idol audition. His extraordinary voice has been compared to legends like Bob Marley, and here are all the highlights.

The man we know by the stage name Arthur Gunn is actually Dibesh Pokharel, the Nepalese singer-songwriter that soared all the way to the finals of American Idol with vocal talent that makes you fall in love with his textured talent. Here’s the inspiring star’s journey to the top.

From “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” to “Is This Love”, and his grand finale featuring “I Don’t Want to Be” – it’s all here for you to enjoy. Luke Bryan felt that Arthur was the biggest star the show had ever seen, and after watching this wrapup, you may just agree.

Even with the final rounds being filmed at home, Arthur still managed to learn and grow immensely through his journey through the show. The whole world can’t wait to see him evolve from here on out.

American Idol Finalist Arthur Gunn\'s Most Phenomenal Performances Ever