Is That Really A Kid? Now That’s A Mature Voice The Voice Didn’t Expect

Each of these children have voices that are not only powerful but mature beyond their years. You’ll be both surprised and amazed by each child featured in this collection of performances from The Voice Global.

Ever heard German songbird Elena singing Dinah Washinton’s “What A Difference A Day Makes?” How about a version of “Blue Suede Shoes” from little Niko that compares to the king himself? This collection of performances features children with mature voices that’ll shock you.

“Redemption Song” from a French powerhouse who is just thirteen years old kicks off the journey, but Mélia Rey’s incredible performance sets the tone for a string of auditions that’ll leave in disbelief of what, or rather, who you’re hearing.

None of these kids have voice’s that you’d expect. Just try listening to each song with your eyes closed first – now that’s crazy talent.