U.S. Army Memorial Day Trumpet Tribute Is Chilling In Its Beauty

The U.S. Army Trumpet Ensemble performs a stunning rendition “Mansions of the Lord” in honor of all those who have served their country. It’s a classical arrangement of the song of worship that is sure to touch your heart.

The hymn “Mansions of the Lord” is a long-standing favorite and classic song, but there are few arrangements that can compare to the glorious, powerful performance that The U.S. Army Trumpet Ensemble delivers here, straight from the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

The U.S. Army Trumpet Ensemble is made up of SFC EJ Ramos on solo trumpet, SFC Beth Ford, SSG Pat McGee, SSG Kevin Paul, SSG, Ryan Brewer, and SSG Craig Basarich. Each artist comes together with flawless harmony, producing a sound that captivates from beginning to end.

This beautiful memorial day performance is a patriotic showcase of gratitude and sheer talent that speaks to anyone who knows a life of service while inspiring us all to honor freedom & those who sacrifice for it.