Gifted A Cappella Group Remake Classical Piece “Ave Maria”

Originally composed in 1825, “Ave Maria” is one of the oldest classical pieces from Franz Schubert. While there have been a variety of famous musicians over the years that have covered it, an a cappella group puts a unique spin on the old tune.

The a cappella group goes by the name 7th Avenue. They were discovered by a former member of the influential group Home Free. Chris Rupp knows his way around a cappella, and love had a brilliant idea when he founded 7th Avenue.

It takes a lot of hard work, vocal training, and practice to be successful in a cappella. This up and coming singing group has belted out covers of several songs, including the Christmas tune “Mary Did You Know.”

These talented musicians stood in front of St. Luke Catholic Church in Palm Springs, Florida, to sing “Ave Maria.” There is something hauntingly beautiful about their rendition that will make you want to listen to it on repeat.