Breathtaking “Amazing Grace” and “Hallelujah” Mashup From Family Goes Viral

Once in a while, someone will put out a song that consists of two separate songs. If the beat is just right, a mashup can sound like something astonishing that you’ve never heard before. A group of siblings puts together “Amazing Grace” and “Hallelujah” to create one joyous masterpiece.

Kenny Holland and his five sisters call their musical group “Better Together”. They love performing cover songs for friends, family, and their online fanbase. The group decided to give a gospel mashup a modern twist with one of their latest covers.

Though these songs are well-known, it doesn’t mean that they’re easy to sing. Each classic tune has been covered a myriad of times throughout the years. As you listen to Better Together perform this mashup, you’ll see why they’re getting so many views.

This family is full of talented musicians that are passionate about what they’re singing. They like to focus on worship music to praise their creator. These gifted brothers and sisters continue to make music, and we can’t wait to see what they come out with next.