Rocker Nick Gilder’s “Hot Child In The City” Is Addictive ’70s Power Pop

Nick Gilder rose to fame as the frontman for glam rockers Sweeney Todd, but it was the hit “Hot Child in the City” that climbed to number one, arriving as the breakthrough that the singer-songwriter needed.

This serious song set to a catchy pop tune was not Nick Gilder’s first number one, but it was his first solo chart-topper. The former Sweeney Todd frontman released “Hot Child in the City” in 1978, and the power-pop hit steadily gained a lasting following.

At the time, Nick Gilder had the record for the longest climb up the Billboard charts to first place taking a whopping twenty-one weeks to secure number one.

Even though this is his most instantly recognizable single, Gilder has had a successful songwriting career as well. He has written for artists including prominent stars like Bette Midler and Joe Cocker.


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