Navy Band Performs Frankie Valli Hits, Driving The Crowd Wild

United States Navy Band Jersey Boys have put forth a memorable selection of songs at the Concert on the Avenue in a US Navy Memorial performances that’ll brighten any day. These talented musical service members appear built to entertain, with a show that shows just how much alike their sound is to 60s superstar band The Four Seasons.

In this 60s throwback, we find a selection of songs that’ll have you singing along. The talented artists start with ‘Sherry’ with a performance that’d do The Four Seasons proud. Next up, they cross to a stunning rendition of ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ by the same doo-wop sensation. This track was most recently made famous by Fergie with her pop-R&B recreation.

‘Walk Like A Man’ sent this mashup into overdrive, elevating the harmony as the singers captured the essence of this iconic song. Few remember that a lot of the energy of the original performance was largely inspired by the venue of recording. After all, singing your solo in a burning building would add a certain something to your music!

Our amazing artists progress to a beautiful rendition of ‘Rag Doll’ – a track that is known for showcasing the spectacular voice of Frankie Valli. They’ve each done a wonderful job of emulating the distinctive richness, and vocal presence of everyone’s much-loved tenor. You’ll be hanging onto each note as the last song ‘Oh What A Night’ begs for an encore.

Let yourself be swept along into a six-song journey by the breathtakingly good Jersey Boys. Every service member making up a part of this five-person group known as the Sea Chanters exhibits amazing talent in tribute to their fallen comrades. The whole show is electrifying, snatching the hearts of all who hear it with their inspiring power and upbeat tunes.

Navy Band Performs Frankie Valli Hits, Driving The Crowd Wild