Des’ ree’s “You Gotta Be” Is the R&B Dose Of Soul From ’94 That We Need

Des’ ree’s soulful R&B hit “You Gotta Be” is a song that captured the attention of all with its uplifting lyrics affirming personal power.

There are few ’90s songs that are as inspiring as Des’ ree’s soul-infused smash hit “You Gotta Be.” After thirty-weeks in the top forty, it continues to motivate to this day.

Despite success in the UK with the tracks “Feel So High,” “Life,” and “What’s Your Sign,” this was Des’ ree’s only hit in the United States. Everyone was happy to celebrate living life to its fullest.

The song was so popular that it charted three separate times in the UK. In 1994, its release year, it hit #20. In 1995, the remix hit #14, and in 1999 the re-released track soared all the way to tenth on UK charts.

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