Jonathan Antoine Sings “The Godfather Theme,” Goosebumps Guaranteed

Talented artist Jonathan Antoine delves into classical Italian, singing “Parla Piu Piano” – a song better known as “The Godfather Theme.” After a brief but touching introduction, the tenor starts an entrancing rendition of the moving piece.

Jonathan Antoine singing “Parla Piu Piano” or “The Godfather Theme” transports one straight back to the 1800s, delivering a rich tone and deeply soothing sound. This is pure feeling powerfully projected in a song that transcends language.

Listening to Jonathan sing the Italian masterpiece lets one see the finer aspects of control mastered by this maestro. There are few singers at any age that can compare to his power and range.

Melding into the sound of his backing symphony like an instrument sent from heaven, Jonathan Antoine’s arrangement of “Parla Piu Piano” is an enchanting sound that has you hypnotized by the beauty of his voice.

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