You’ll Be Blown Away By Queen & David Bowie’s “Under Pressure”

Queen and David Bowie came together for the 1981 masterpiece “Under Pressure.” The epic rock track instantly stood out from Queen’s “Hot Space” album, becoming his second number one and David Bowie’s third.

Considered by many to be the greatest collaboration ever, Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure” is a duet with otherworldly beauty capturing the power and position of Queen at his peak. It’s beautiful music that’s sublimely human.

From the iconic bassline to the jarring footage clearly conveying pressure but not once showing David Bowie nor Queen due to their ongoing tours, “Under Pressure” is a gem and true legend among music. Both the music video and song will live on forever.

You don’t get two greater titans music during this period of history, and there are few other songs or sounds that can be compared to the caliber of this great work.

You\'ll Be Blown Away By Queen & David Bowie\'s \