Vote on a Boat Audition Discovers Soulful New Jersey Singer

Megan Knight from Williamstown, New Jersey, gave American Idol it’s very first audition on a boat. The Southern New Jersey singer opted for “When Your Mind’s Made Up” by Glen Hansard while playing her own accompaniment on guitar.

The passionate artist delivered a brilliant audition showcasing power and control with her reinvention of the classic folk-rock favorite. After some keen advice, the judges were excited to get to their boat vote. Luke gave a “yes,” Katy gave a “yacht Yes,” and Lionel Richie gave a ship “yes,” sending Megan straight to Hollywood.

Twenty-two-year old New Jersey singer-songwriter Megan Knight delivered an amazing audition in the strangest of places. The event termed the ‘Vote on a boat’ by American Idol had discovered a gifted talent. Megan’s cover of Glen Hansard’s “When Your Mind’s Made Up” impressed all three judges, with the artist delivering a flawless performance despite being outside.