Once Self-Conscious Deaf Singer Inspires Simon To Rise To His Feet

Once you’ve heard deaf singer-songwriter Mandy Harvey perform her moving original track ‘Mara’s Song,’ you’ll understand why her power and flawless delivery compelled Simon Cowell to award her his golden buzzer. It’s no wonder that some still consider her to be the champion of all champions in AGT.

Deaf singer Mandy Harvey has a perfect sound that’s formed out from passion and trust in her pitch. Mandy wasn’t born deaf but had her hearing degrade until she became completely deaf at nineteen years old. It took a lot of soul searching, but this star eventually found herself and her voice, empowering her to do what she loves – sing.

Harvey may not have ever imagined singing without being able to hear her own voice, but no one could ever have foreseen such a gifted blind singer even existing. Perhaps the power in her voice comes from the strength developed as she overcame having one of her five senses taken away.

From the America’s Got Talent stage, this star captured our hearts, propelling her through the competition as a popular favorite. Her songwriting is just as good as her delivery, with lyrics that are impossible to ignore, connecting you to the raw emotion at the source of this original song & its composer.

‘Mara’s Song’ rewards with a hauntingly beautiful composition by Mandy Harvey that makes it nearly impossible to believe that she is deaf. As if there to take the place of being able to perceive sound, she is gifted with a masterful voice but not by accident. This artist’s hard work and dedication have truly paid off in an unforgettable performance.

Once Self-Conscious Deaf Singer Inspires Simon To Rise To His Feet